Sunday, October 4, 2009

Joey's Booboo

Joey was asked to help with the fireknife and ended up comming home with a mean burn on his knuckles. Never again!

His pinky started to blister.

Fresh new skin.

The healing process.

Family Trip to Kona

My family went to Kona to do some temple work for some family members who have passed away...we had a great time...too bad it was so short!

My Aunty (Dad's Oldest Sister) invited us to the Old Tutu Ladies Hula Festival to watch her dance. Some of these old people...I tell you!

This Halau had a little girl playing the Ukulele with the rest of the musicians...she was awesome!

I have never seen a geco like this was cool!

This turtle was eating the seaweed off the rocks on the beach.

We loved feeding these little yellow birds.

Talk about teamwork...we found this puzzle in our condo on the last day we were there and it was the world's most difficult puzzle. It was a collage of yellow smiley faces but the difficult part was that it was double sided with the same picture facing a different direction. Even with all three of us, we could only finish the outside straight edges.